Apiary ‘The Driest’

The ‘Driest’ is part of the Wageningse Eng, situated at its northern end, near Bennekom. After moving to Bennekom I was able to acquire a plot of land at the Driest, where I picked up beekeeping again after a long bee-less spell.

There was an old unkempt apiary at the Driest that had belonged to a beekeeper who had recently passed away. There weren’t many colonies left, and the material was in a poor state.

For years and years, during my extended stay abroad, I had kept hives in my household effects. They were in parts, and still in their original cartons. I started putting together these hives and the fit was still perfect, after all those years. And apiary ‘The Driest’ was born.

Vernylaan 21
6721 HJ Bennekom
The Netherlands